Time Trends in Annual Prevalence, Death, and Decannulation Rates: 2008–2018

Tracheal Tube Without iHMVTracheal Tube With iHMVAll
Age groupCoefficientPCoefficientPCoefficientP
Prevalence rate−0.0251.3750.4445.001**0.4194.003**
Age group, y
Death rate−0.0048.160−0.0055.024*−0.0052.036*
Decannulation rate0.0001.990−0.0024.368−0.0020.376
  • Coefficients represent the annual change (or time trend) in the prevalence rates. Coefficients and P values are based on regressions of prevalence rates as a function of years since 2008.

  • * P = .05 and ** P = .01 for statistical significance.