Demographic and Clinical Characteristics

Tracheal Tube Without iHMVTracheal Tube With iHMVAllP for Difference Between, Without, and With iHMV
Average daily patient census52.7 (2.9)123.3 (20.7)175.9 (20.8)
 Prevalence per 100 0004.3 (0.2)10.1 (1.6)14.5 (1.6)
Age group, %, y.015
Male, %55.656.856.5.663
Race, %<.001
 African American25.016.318.8
 Asian American5.44.14.5
 AI or AN0.93.83.0
 Other or unknown14.012.613.0
Received home care nursing, %65.778.074.5<.001
Medicaid at start of care, %58.451.653.5.017
Death rate, %
Decannulation rate, %11.411.411.4.978
  • The number of yearly observations is 9. SDs for nonbinary variables are in parentheses. Data are for 2008, 2010, and 2012–2018. Annual patients are computed as the number of patients at midyear. This was computed as patients on January 1 aged 0 to 16 y plus 50% of the year’s new patients receiving services less 50% of the year’s deaths, decannulations, and transfers. Male sex, race, home care nursing, and Medicaid data are based on 2012–2018 data. As patient insurance may change for any patient and typically trends toward Medicaid over time, we included the percentage of patients with Medicaid at the start of home care. AI, American Indian; AN, Alaskan Native; —, not applicable.