Enteral Tube Caregiving App Functions and System Requirements

Key FunctionDescriptionPurposeFunctional Requirements
Home page (with notes)The main page of the app where users can view the current care situationPromote situation awareness around the child and associated care needsView care routines that need to be done today, receive alerts when a care is completed or overdue, receive inventory alerts (eg, reorder), write and view simple note handoffs
Child profileApp page with details about the childProvide users with essential information to understand and support the childRecord important information about what makes the child who they are (eg, comfort measures, needs, likes), record tube details (eg, size, length, frequency of changes, date of original placement), include image of the child
Network managementApp function that allows primary user to manage members of the child’s caregiving networkManage user information and app accessInvite other users to use the app, remove users from the app, view app users and their contact details
Nutrition planApp page focused on all aspects of the child’s nutrition planEnsure child receives appropriate and timely nutrition careEnter meal schedules throughout the day, including formulas, foods, water, and supplements; document child’s daily recipes and regimens; calculate rates and volumes with a simple calculator; indicate child’s sick day nutrition and hydration plans
Routines (scheduling)App page focused on creating schedules for all careFacilitate continuity and accuracy of careCreate and maintain schedules for what care to do when, labeled and organized by caregiver (user) preference; view when foods, medications, or procedures are due and completed; log when foods, medications, or procedures are completed; set reminders or alarms to distinguish when a care is due or overdue
Inventory managementApp page that serves as a hub for all inventory-related functionsStreamline inventory management activitiesTrack medications, supplies, and suppliers; facilitate refill or reorder of supplies
TrackingApp page that allows users to create trackers for various clinical indicatorsAbility to monitor child health daily and over timeUse standard or create custom trackers for clinical indicators (eg, wt, blood pressure, bowel movements), record clinical indicators and view data over time, automated tracking of nutrition and water intake, connect tracked data to other app functions (eg, prompt water intake)
Crisis plansApp page that has specific details for crisis situationsEnsure all caregivers have access to emergency informationProvide direction for common enteral tube–related emergencies (eg, dislodgement, obstruction, infection, etc)
Trouble shooting and general informationApp page to access tutorials for general information on enteral care and troubleshooting tutorialsProvide all caregivers with basic enteral tube information and support for common challengesReview basics of enteral tube functions through training tutorials, view videos on troubleshooting common problems or managing equipment