Youth-Adult Transition in Hospital Care Outcome Importance and Feasibility

Rating, MeanVery or Extremely, %Rating, MeanVery or Extremely, %
Patient and family satisfaction with overall transition4.4913.554
Patient and family confidence managing their health and health care4.3893.344
Provider confidence in patient and family managing their health and health care4.2833.341
Inpatient medical errors after leaving children’s hospital4.2863.032
Ambulatory provider satisfaction with transition4.1803.444
Consistency in care4.1823.036
ED visits in early adulthood4.0783.459
Ambulatory transition execution4.0803.033
Inpatient provider satisfaction3.9703.554
Hospitalizations in early adulthood3.9693.457
Length of stay in early adulthood3.8643.457
Timing of ambulatory care transition3.5483.133
Length of ED encounter in early adulthood3.3453.247
  • Ratings were as follows: 1 = not at all, 2 = a little, 3 = somewhat, 4 = very, and 5 = extremely. Consistency was defined as less back and forth across internal medicine and pediatrics services or redundant testing.