Respondent Perceptions About Needs for Youth-Adult Transition in Hospital Care

Appropriateness, Mean%
Relatively how many adolescent patients need an inpatient transition process?
 A few17
Patients needing inpatient transition process
 Medical complexity4.595a
 Social complexity4.286a
 Likelihood for future hospitalization4.283a
 High past hospital use4.179a
Triggers to initiate inpatient transition process
 Ambulatory transition begun4.081a
 Readiness assessment score3.763a
 No. hospitalizations per y3.453a
 No. ED visits per y3.133a
Settings to initiate inpatient transition process
 At hospital (during a hospitalization)3.135a
 At home (in between visits)3.656a
 At clinic (during a visit)4.391a
  • Appropriateness ratings were as follows: 1 = not at all, 2 = a little, 3 = somewhat, 4 = very, and 5 = extremely.

  • a Percent of respondents who considered it very or extremely appropriate.