Reported Outcomes Associated With NSBs

StudyPreimplementationTime Without a SlipPostimplementation
Galuska205 slips in 1 y11 moNot reported
Lahey et al1213 slips over 2 y; January 2012 to December 20133 immediately after implementation0 in 2014 (partial year)
Hantske166 slips in 2012; 2 slips in 2013 (implementation year)Not specified1 in 2014
0 in 2015 (partial year)
Janiszewski2817 falls total with 10 slips in 12 mo; March 2013 to February 2014Not specified7 falls total with 1 slip in 12 mo
February 2014 to January 2015
Hodges and Gilbert175 falls in 7 mo2 y3 falls in one-quarter of year 3
Ainsworth et al137 slips in 7 mo12 mo5 in 2 y
Carr et al298 total falls with 5 from the bed with the mother in CY 2016 (implementation year)Not specified5 total falls, with 3 from the bed with the mother in CY 2017
Lipke et al182 slips in 2014; 1 in 20153 mo0 infant falls in 50 mo
Miner25Single hospital site; 4 in FY 20168 mo0 in FY 2017 (partial year)
  • CY, calendar year; FY, fiscal year.