List of Themes With Example Quotes

ThemesBrief DescriptionExample, Representative Quotes from Parent or Child
1. HappinessPoetry evokes feelings of happiness in the child amid a challenging time such as illness“It was a lot of fun and I felt very happy”; “gave me happiness”; “felt good”; “so much fun”; “you could see her face light up with happiness”
2. Family involvementReading and writing poetry cultivate a collaborative environment between parent and child that enhances their relationship in the hospital“Engaging activity”; “did something together”; “fun to write poetry with another person”; “mom reminded me of my good traits and qualities”; “interactive”
3. Good distractionPoetry activity acts as a distraction for children from both the hospital environment and their illness“Helped get his mind off of things”; “it was a good distraction for my daughter”; “I was able to think of other things, not just my sickness”
4. Screenless activityReading and writing poetry offers a screenless activity, particularly in a screen-saturated hospital room with its television screens and online entertainment“Something to do besides watching too much TV”; “didn’t have to use the iPad to have fun”; “screenless activity for them to do”
5. CreativityPoetry fosters creativity, compelling children to exercise their minds in imaginative ways“Engages kids creatively”; “felt creative”; “keeps their creative juices going”; “keeps their thinking skills and imagination going”
6. Self-reflectionPoetry provides space for the child to reflect“Space to express my emotions, feelings, thoughts”; “self-reflective”; “thought it was a good chance to express myself”; “helped me process through things”; “made me realize things I hadn’t realized before”