Top 10 New Patient Diagnoses Stratified by Study Period in Rank Order

Control (2019)n (%)Pandemic (2020)n (%)
Total19 361 (32.0)Total10 141 (31.1)
Seizure2891 (4.8)Seizure1522 (4.7)
Asthma2194 (3.6)Appendectomy without complex principal diagnosisa1499 (4.6)
Tonsil and adenoid proceduresa2140 (3.5)Diabetes1396 (4.3)
Appendectomy without complex principal diagnosisa1997 (3.3)Shoulder, upper arm, and forearm procedures except join replacementa1060 (3.3)
Other gastroenteritis, nausea, and vomiting1863 (3.1)Appendectomy with complex principal diagnosisa1025 (3.1)
Infections of the upper respiratory tract1746 (2.9)Other digestive system diagnoses934 (2.9)
Shoulder, upper arm, and forearm procedures, except joint replacementa1734 (2.9)Poisoning of medicinal agents878 (2.7)
Pneumonia, not elsewhere classified1669 (2.8)Cellulitis and other skin infections643 (2.0)
Diabetes1574 (2.6)Tonsil and adenoid proceduresa618 (1.9)
Other digestive system diagnoses1553 (2.6)Pneumonia, not elsewhere classified566 (1.7)
  • a Surgical procedure.