Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of Infants With TTN >24 Hours (n = 6)

Age (d)TTNOrganismSite of InfectionHigh-Risk CharacteristicsOther Laboratory Abnormalities
936 hEnterococcusBlood, urine↑ WBCs; ↑ ABC; +UANone
1062 hE coliBlood, urine↑ ABCNone
1077 hS aureusBlood, urine↑ WBCs; +UANone
1684 hEnterococcusCSF↑ WBCs; ↑ ABCCSF WBCs 18/HPF; C-reactive protein 4.1
2528 hE coliBlood, urine+UACSF WBCs 36/HPF; C-reactive protein 16.3
2729 hGroup B streptococcusBlood↑ WBCs; ↑ ABCChest radiograph with infiltrate
  • ABC, absolute band count; HPF, high-power field; TTN, time to notification.