Multivariable Conditional Logistic Regression Model for All Readmissions Within 28 Days, aOR, and 95% CIs (N = 268)

VariableaOR95% CIP
Infant birth weight, ga1.070.995–1.16.07
Discharge bilirubin data available3.391.64–7.00.001
Level II or III nursery care2.521.03–6.17.04
Age at discharge by mode of deliveryb.001
 Discharge age for vaginal delivery1.080.97–1.20.16
 Discharge age for cesarean delivery0.570.39–0.84.004
  • Study design adjusts for matching characteristics of gestational age, birth hospital, and month of birth.

  • a Coefficient represents adjusted OR (aOR) for every increase in 100 g.

  • b Interaction between age at discharge and delivery. Coefficient represents aOR for each additional day in length of stay.