Multivariable Conditional Logistic Regression Model for Hyperbilirubinemia Readmissions, aOR, and 95% CIs (N = 46)

VariableaOR95% CIP
Infant birth weight, ga1.191.02–1.40.03
Bottle-fed only0.270.08–0.86.03
Discharge bilirubin data available8.762.54–30.25<.001
Age at discharge by mode of deliveryb.002
 Discharge age for vaginal delivery1.140.90–1.45.27
 Discharge age for cesarean delivery0.400.22–0.72.002
  • Study design adjusts for matching characteristics of gestational age, birth hospital, and month of birth.

  • a Coefficient represents adjusted OR (aOR) for every increase in 100 g.

  • b Interaction between age at discharge and delivery. Coefficient represents aOR for each additional day in length of stay.