Self-Evaluation of How Previously Completed Simulation Experiences Affected Performance During the Current Critical Event

Survey ItemResident Response (n = 22)
Recognition of when to call for help4 (3–4)
Knowing your role(s) on team4 (3–4)
Understanding medical management of the critical event4 (3–4)
Performance of emergent procedure(s)3 (2–4)
Using the CHaD/PALS card4 (3–4)
Finding necessary supplies or medications3 (2.5–4)
Feeling comfortable to contribute your knowledge4 (3–4)
Summarizing the situation to a colleague4 (3–4)
  • Data are presented as median (IQR). Responses were limited to those who had experienced an earlier similar simulation (n = 22). The following question was asked: “How did your previously completed simulation experiences at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center affect your performance during this critical event in the following categories?” Items were graded on a Likert scale of 1 to 5, as follows: 1, no improvement; 2, little improvement; 3, some improvement; 4, much improvement; and 5, great improvement. PALS, Pediatric Advanced Life Support.