Equipment and Staff Information Reported by Nursing Leadership at 54 Birth Hospitals With Active CCHD Screening Programs at the Time of the Initial Survey

QuestionNo. of HospitalsPercent
Did your unit purchase new oximeters expressly for the purpose of this screening program?
 No answer12
What type of probe is your unit using?
 Some of each1120
 No answer12
What brand(s) of oximeter is your unit using?
 Masimo (Irvine, CA)2648
 Covidien (Dublin, Ireland)2852
 Philips (Andover, MA)47
 None specified12
 >1 brand (indicated above)713
Have you had to hire any additional staff to be able to institute pulse oximetry screening?
 No answer12
Who performs screening? Check all that apply
 Registered nurse5093
 Nursing assistant1324
 Respiratory therapist917
 Licensed practical nurse815
 Physician or nurse practitioner12
 No answer12
How long would you estimate it takes your staff to perform pulse oximetry screening?
 <5 min1833
 5–10 min2954
 10–15 min59
 >15 min0
 Do not know24