Clinical Course of 11 Term Neonates with Hypoglycemia

Case No.Gestational Age (wk)Mode of DeliveryBirth Wt (g)% Wt Loss From BirthMaternal Obstetrical HistoryBF and/or PMSupplement-ing With FormulaAge (d of life)Presenting SymptomsGlucose on Presentation (mg/dL)SeizureMRI Results
139 1/7Vaginal290510.5G1P1YesYes4Lethargy, poor feeding, seizure in trauma bay of ED20YesExtensive areas of restricted diffusion involving the bilateral parietal and occipital lobes
238 3/7Vaginal26377.3G1P1Yes, + syringes of PMNo4Lethargy, poor feeding, seizures20YesExtensive severe injury to the posterior one-third of the supratentorial brain
338Vaginal26346.6G1P1YesNo3Lethargy, poor feeding, no urine ×12 h36NoNo MRI done
439Vaginal39899.1G10P4YesNo2Twitching in upper extremities28Twitching but EEG normalNo MRI done
540 1/7Vaginal32884.2G2P2YesNo3Poor feeding. shallow breathing, tremors13YesRestricted diffusion in parietal and bilateral occipital lobes
637 3/7Vaginal352516G1P1Yes, + PMNo3Lethargy, hypotonia, apnea<20YesDiffuse brain injury involving frontal, parietal, and occipital
738 5/7Vaginal25250G1P1Yes, + PMNo3Cyanotic episode at home, lethargy, poor feeding<20YesRestricted diffusion involving both posterior parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes
840Vaginal35507G1P1YesYes4Lethargy, poor feeding23NoNo MRI done
939 4/7Cesarean30157.1G6P5Yes, + PMNo2Apnea, hypotonia8NoNormal
1040Vaginal31005.5G1P1YesNo2Apnea at home13NoNo MRI done
1137 5/7Cesarean28074.5G1P1YesNo5Low temperature at PMD office35NoNo MRI done
  • BF, breastfeeding; ED, emergency department; EEG, electroencephalogram; G, gravida; P, parity; PM, pumped milk; PMD, primary medical doctor.