Retrospective Pre-Post Survey Results Comparing Resident (n = 26 Pre and 25 Post), Cardiologist (n = 14 pre and 17 post) and Nursing (n = 14 pre and 15 post) Responses on a 5-Point Likert-Like Scale

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeP
The residents and nursing had effective and clear communication
 Residents Pre0151010
 Residents Post915100<.0001
 Cardiologists Pre07610
 Cardiologists Post411200<.0001
 Nursing Staff Pre01392
 Nursing Staff Post210200<.0001
The residents and cardiologists had effective and clear communication
 Residents Pre013850
 Residents Post1212010<.0001
 Cardiologists Pre07430
 Cardiologists Post312200.007
 Nursing Staff Pre01661
 Nursing Staff Post39100<.0001
The overnight cardiologist provided education on the acute management of cardiology issues
 Residents Pre041165
 Residents Post79612<.0001
 Cardiologists Pre09410
 Cardiologists Post311300.08
 Nursing Staff Pre01723
 Nursing Staff Post37302<.0001
Overall experience covering the cardiology patients was positive
 Residents Pre020510
 Residents Post916000.0001
 Cardiologists Pre
 Cardiologists Post08600
 Nursing Staff Pre412100.005
 Nursing Staff Post03570
 Residents Pre310100<.0001