SSD-SCAMP Parent and Patient Measures

MeasureNumber of ItemsDescriptionReporterInternal Consistency
LECa60Report of presence and impact (none/some/moderate/great) of life events in the past year in family, school/work, and social domainsPatient, parentCronbach’s α: patient report = 0.858; parent report = 0.877
CSI1735Report of presence of physical symptoms for previous 6 months on 4-point scale (“not at all” to “a whole lot”)Patient, parentCronbach’s α: patient report = 0.872; parent report = 0.857
FDI1815Report of functional impairment due to physical health for previous 2 weeks on 5-point scale (“no trouble” to “impossible”)Patient, parentCronbach’s α: patient report = 0.919; parent report = 0.940
SAMa1Report of patient’s school absences in the past year (“normal school attendance” to “over 1 year of missed school days”)ParentNot applicable
  • FDI, Functional Disability Inventory; LEC, Life Events Checklist; SAM, School Absence Measure.

  • a Measures created for the SSD-SCAMP.