Comorbid Clinical Diagnoses and Procedure Classifications (CCS codes) Most Highly Associated With VRE Infection

Condition or ProcedureAdjusted OR (95% CI)
Bacterial infection (excluding VRE)21.39 (19.33–23.61)
CDI6.16 (4.37–8.68)
Cystic fibrosis5.31 (4.47–6.30)
Neoplasms2.89 (2.59–3.23)
Diseases of the urinary system2.21 (2.03–2.41)
Intestinal infection (excluding CDI)1.99 (1.62–2.45)
Spinal cord injury1.99 (1.35–2.93)
Other infections, including parasitic1.84 (1.44–2.35)
Immunity disorders1.82 (1.44–2.32)
Nephrotomy and nephrostomy3.00 (1.78–5.06)
Other therapeutic ear procedures2.86 (1.77–4.65)
Destruction of lesion of retina and choroid2.68 (1.45–4.94)
Microscopic examination (bacterial smear, culture, toxicology)2.33 (1.23–4.39)
Bone marrow transplant2.10 (1.68–2.62)
  • Diagnostic and procedural ICD-9-CM codes were grouped into clinically relevant categories using CCS. CCS codes have multiple levels, allowing for increasing or decreasing specificity in diagnoses and procedures. For this analysis, we used second-level CCS codes.