Distributions of Missed Nursing Care in Hospital Pediatric Settings, by Quality of Nurses’ Work Environment

Work Environment Quality
 No. hospitals223846277
 Percentage of hospitals10037.727.834.5
 PES-NWI compositee2.862.582.883.15
 No. missed care activitiese1.
Missed nursing care activityePrevalencef
 ≥1 activities52.761.352.145.6.00
 Develop or update care plans31.535.330.628.7.02
 Comfort or talk with patients23.130.424.615.8.00
 Teach or counsel patients and family21.925.921.918.4.00
 Adequately document nursing care15.018.315.711.7.00
 Prepare patients and families for discharge14.718.414.811.4.00
 Oral hygiene11.314.
 Adequate patient surveillance7.812.
 Administer medications on time7.711.
 Coordinate patient care5.
 Skin care6.
 Treatments and procedures2.
 Pain management1.
  • a Poor = 0 or 1 subscale above sample median.

  • b Mixed = 2 or 3 subscales above sample median.

  • c Better = 4 or 5 subscales above sample median.

  • d Results were considered statistically significant at P < .05 for a 2-tailed test for a comparison of the frequency of care missed in the better versus the poor environment.

  • e Values are means.

  • f The prevalence of each missed nursing care activity is the proportion of nurses who reported that the required care was not done.