Price Transparency Information on State-Based Price Transparency Web Sites (N = 38)

Price Transparency Informationn (%)
Distinguishes between prices for pediatric and adult care15 (39)
 Age ranges selectable by consumer for all diagnoses5 (13)
 Age specified or “pediatric” flag listed for specific diagnoses10 (26)
Provided price estimate for tonsillectomy-adenoidectomy17 (45)
 Billed charges16 (42)
 Out-of-pocket costs1 (3)
 Pediatric procedure specified9 (24)
Price estimate, $, mean (range)a9566 (3441–20 287)
Personalized cost estimation tool available,b1 (3)
Quality data available14 (37)
  • a For the site that listed out-of-pocket costs, the estimate obtained was for an uninsured patient.

  • b These tools were customizable, algorithm-based, interactive tools.