Price Transparency Information on Children’s Hospital Web Sites (N = 45)

Price Transparency InformationN (%)
Provided price estimate for any pediatric care8 (18)
 Billed charges6 (13)
 Out-of-pocket costsa2 (4)
Provided price estimate for tonsillectomy-adenoidectomy1 (2)
 Billed charges1 (2)
Personalized cost estimation tool availableb12 (27)
 Online form for families to submit5 (11)
 Phone number for families to call for a personalized estimate9 (20)
  • Of the 46 freestanding children’s hospitals in the United States, 1 provides oncologic care free of charge to all families and was therefore excluded from the analysis.

  • a Of the 2 hospitals listing out-of-pocket costs, 1 provided mean expected out-of-pocket costs for an insured family (denoted as “typical total patient liability”) with multiple caveats about allowing for individual variation in the amount covered by insurance. The other hospital provided out-of-pocket fees for international adoption clinic services only.

  • b Two of 12 hospitals provided both types of tools.