Univariate Analysis Results

VariablenHigh Acuity, %Low Acuity, %P
 Wt, kg, median (Q1, Q3)749.6 (3.5, 25.0)59.2 (54.0, 70.8)<.001
 Age, y, median (Q1, Q3)741.3 (0.0, 7.2)15.6 (14.0, 16.8)<.001
 Length of symptoms, d, median (Q1, Q3)744.0 (1.0, 7.0)3.0 (2.0, 5.0).64
 Chest pain495494<.001
 Shortness of breath667436.002
 Abdominal pain499430<.001
 Feeding intolerance279014<.001
 Gastrointestinal symptoms709451<.001
Vital signs
Physical examination
 Systolic murmur712010.22
 Diastolic murmur7100
 Abnormal perfusion71500<.001
 Abnormal pulses71370<.001
Laboratory findings
 WBC, abnormal691710.43
 Hemoglobin, abnormal694313.004
 CRP, abnormal633874.004
 ESR, abnormal523326.6
 AST, abnormal566257.71
 ALT, abnormal566537.032
 Albumin, abnormal53337.014
 pH, abnormal28760<.001
 Bicarbonate, abnormal718024<.001
 Creatinine, abnormal70417<.001
 BNP, abnormal5610041<.001
 BNP, median (Q1, Q3)522842.5 (1247.0, 4535.2)82.9 (43.8, 185.0)<.001
 Troponin, median (Q1, Q3)614.3 (0.6, 11.8)8.9 (2.0, 19.7).26
CXR findings
 Pulmonary edema66505<.001
ECG findings
 First-degree block6640.2
 Second-degree or higher block6640.2
 Ventricular tachycardia6680.07
 ST segment changes664056.2
 Bundle branch block66120.023
 Decreased voltages66247.06
 Abnormal axis662010.24
Echocardiography findings
 Pericardial effusion65587<.001
 EF, median % (Q1%, Q3%)5935 (21, 50)60 (52, 64)<.001
 SF, z score, median (Q1, Q3)60−8.3 (−10.8, −6.2)−1.2 (−2.3, 0.0)<.001
 LVEDD, z score, median (Q1, Q3)631.0 (−0.8, 2.6)0.2 (−0.5, 0.0).29
 LVESD, z score, median (Q1, Q3)623.3 (1.0, 5.2)0.6 (−0.2, 1.4)<.001
 MR, moderate or severe64360<.001
  • ALT, alanine aminotransferase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; CRP, C-reactive protein; EF, ejection fraction; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; LVEDD, left ventricular end diastolic diameter; LVESD, left ventricular end systolic diameter; MR, mitral regurgitation; SF, left ventricular fractional shortening; WBC, white blood cell count; —, not applicable.