Scientific Manuscript Checklist for New Authors

 Does the title clearly and succinctly describe my project?
 Does the background specify the study’s purpose?
 Are the essential methods represented?
 Are the key findings (and measures of association) included in the results?
 Does the abstract flow concisely and logically from beginning to end?
 Is the stated purpose answered in the conclusions?
 Does the introduction highlight briefly the scope of the problem and the need for this research?
 Is the background literature represented accurately and fairly (unbiased) with appropriate references?
 Does the introduction follow a logical order culminating in the purpose of your study?
 Is the purpose stated explicitly?
 Does the first paragraph deliver a concise synopsis of my study design?
 Is the study design described?
 Is the study population and setting described?
 Does the article discuss how the data were obtained?
 Are dependent and independent variables and other measures defined?
 For human subjects research, is a statement ensuring human subjects protection included?
 Are novel or uncommonly used methods referenced?
 Is the statistical analysis plan described?
 Are the methods presented with sufficient detail such that someone could replicate the study?
Results, Tables, and Figures
 Is the study population described?
 Does the presentation of the results follow a logical order that also parallels the methods?
 Are key findings displayed in tables and figures and appropriately referenced in text?
 Are tables and figures presented clearly and interpretable when removed from the manuscript?
 Are data already presented in tables and figures removed from the text?
 Does the first paragraph include the study’s most important findings and address the study’s purpose?
 Are novel findings and important results highlighted and discussed in the context of other literature?
 Are conclusions presented logically and clearly without being overstated or biased?
 Is the discussion free of editorialized or unrelated content?
 Are important limitations addressed?
 Do you highlight areas for continued research?
 Does the manuscript flow logically and clearly from beginning to end?
 Does it address and answer a novel question?
 Is the manuscript free of typos and grammatical errors, including tense?
 Did you solicit critical feedback from senior colleagues not associated with the manuscript?
 Did you consult your chosen journal’s instructions to authors?