VTE Risk Factors

• Bloodstream infection7,20,24
• Central venous catheter (including nontunneled, tunneled, and peripherally inserted central catheters)35,7,10,15,18,20,24,25
• History of venous thrombosis25
• Hyperosmolar state (serum osmolality >320 mOsm/kg)23
• Inflammatory diseases (eg, inflammatory bowel disease, systemic lupus erythematous)7,10,25,26
• Medications: asparaginase,30 estrogen use20,25 (within past 2 months)
• Obesity (BMI >95th percentile for age)20,22,26,27
• Oncologic diagnosis10,24,25,30
• Orthopedic procedures: hip or knee reconstruction29
• Nephrotic syndrome10,24,30
• Thrombophilia (known, or family history of clots)24,25
• Trauma: >1 lower extremity long bone fracture, complex pelvic fractures, spinal cord injury35,15,21,25