Diagnostic Disagreement Between ED Physicians and Hospitalists at the Time of Admission

DiagnosisED Yes, Hospitalist Yes, %ED No, Hospitalist No, %ED Yes, Hospitalist No, %ED No, Hospitalist Yes, %P, UnadjustedP, Adjusted
Total (n = 181)
Winter (n = 84)
Summer (n = 97)
Received antibiotics (n = 48)
No antibiotics (n = 133)
  • Measuring statistical significance for comparisons across rows (eg, total disagreement of bacterial versus viral and asthma) is not possible because the McNemar test could be biased by prevalence in these comparisons.

  • a Paired-sample McNemar test comparing the 2 disagreement percentages, 45% vs 2% for this particular row.

  • b Adjusted for 15 comparisons by using Holm.35