Bivariate Analysis of SHS-Exposed Patients Compared With Non–SHS-Exposed Patients Among Children Admitted for Acute Asthma Exacerbation

VariableSHS Exposed, n = 258, 41%Not SHS Exposed, n = 365, 59%P
Gender, %.77
Race/Ethnicity, %<.0001
Age, median, y6.05.0.47
Insurance, %<.01
Prematurity, %.17
 No/not documented8791
History of asthma, %.18
Taking ICS at home, %.91
Concurrent PNA, %.71
Concurrent bronchiolitis, %.42
PICU, %.10
EzPAP or CPAP, %.55
Oxygen, %.19
Magnesium, %.30
IV steroids, %.01
LOS, geometric mean (95% CI)50.0 (46.7–54.0)45.8 (43.4–48.4).02
  • ICS, inhaled corticosteroids.