Summary of Sedation Practice

Questionn Responded/ApplicableLevel/Choicen (%)
Our sedation team provides sedation at: (Multiple choices may apply)41A freestanding children’s hospital/medical center21 (51.2)
A children’s hospital within a large medical center18 (43.9)
A community hospital with pediatric and adult patients4 (9.8)
A freestanding radiology or imaging center4 (9.8)
Other0 (0)
Our sedation service provides sedation for approximately:41<1000 patients per year10 (24.4)
1000–2000 patients per year10 (24.4)
2001–5000 patients per year18 (43.9)
>5000 patients per year3 (7.3)
The sedation team in your hospital sedates for: (Multiple choices may apply)41Radiology39 (95.1)
Hematology/Oncology36 (87.8)
Gastrointestinal endoscopies16 (39.0)
Surgical39 (95.1)
Neurologic37 (90.2)
Other19 (46.3)
The sedation service at your institution typically provides sedation for patients with the following ASA categories: (Multiple choices may apply)41I41 (100)
II41 (100)
III31 (75.6)
IV5 (12.2)
Our primary sedation medication for radiologic procedures is:41Propofol32 (78.1)
Brevital0 (0)
Ketamine0 (0)
Narcotic and benzodiazepine1 (2.4)
Other8 (19.5)