Practice Demographics of Self-Reported Internal Medicine–Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Hospitalist Physicians, 2014

 Self-identify as a primary care physician138/27749.8
 Subspecialty boarded22/2907.4
Practice setting
 Medical school, hospital, or parent university117/29239.4
 Community or staff model hospital110/29237.0
 Multispecialty group20/2926.7
 Community health center or health department8/2922.7
 Health maintenance organization staff or group model7/2922.4
 Specialty group practice7/2922.4
 Solo practice5/2921.7
 Pediatric group practice4/2921.4
Practice locale
 Urban, not inner city93/29531.5
 Urban, inner city83/29528.1
Average hours worked per week
 Median 60.0
Hours worked per week
Mean, %
Type of work1
 Direct patient care72.7
 Other medical activities4.24
Percentage of patient load by age group
 <2 y16.8
 3–17 y15.5
 18–25 y8.4
 26–40 y12.0
 41–65 y21.1
 >65 y34.7
  • a Numbers do not sum to 100% because of rounding or duplicate responses.