Curriculum Design Results

Curriculum Design StepOutcome
Problem identificationProblem: A formal curriculum to teach residents and medical students fundamental inpatient general pediatrics topics was lacking
Learner needs assessmentThree residents were informally surveyed regarding needs:
• Surveys should be very short to gain optimal engagement
• High-yield topics include HM diseases (eg, bronchiolitis) and highlight controversies and communication skills
• Ideal format of sessions: interactive, fun
Creating of goals and objectivesOverall goal: to teach residents and medical students the fundamentals of inpatient general pediatrics through an innovative pediatric HM curriculum series
Objectives: created for each topic, designed in accordance with lists of ACGME and HM core competencies11,12
Educational strategies designFor each topic, an educational strategy (see Table 3) was incorporated into the session to encourage interaction and participation
Implementation planSessions were scheduled during the 1-hour noon conference time frame as 6 bimonthly sessions throughout the 2012–2013 academic year
  • ACGME, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.