STRONGKids Screen

STRONGKids screen: Answer the questions beside each category. Assign points based on a positive answer. Total points to assign a risk category.
Subjective clinical assessmentIs the patient in a poor nutritional status judged by subjective clinical assessment (diminished subcutaneous fat and/or muscle mass and/or hollow face)?Yes = 1 point
High-risk diseaseIs there an underlying illness with a risk of malnutrition or expected major surgery?Yes = 2 points
Nutritional intake and lossesIs 1 of the following present:Yes = 1 point
• ≥5 stools per day and/or vomiting >3 times per day the past few days?
• Reduced food intake before admission (excluding fasting for a procedure)
• Preexisting dietetically advised nutritional intervention?
• Inability to consume adequate intake because of pain?
Weight loss or poor weight gainIs there weight loss, or no weight gain (for infants <1 y), during the past few weeks/months?Yes = 1 point
Scoring of malnutrition risk:Total the points from each category = _______Points = Risk
0 = low
1–3 = moderate
4–5 = high
  • Reprinted from Joosten KF, Hulst JM. Malnutrition in pediatric hospital patients: current issues. Nutrition. 2011;27(2):133–137, with permission from Elsevier.10