Types of Whiteboard Use Cited by Families Who Used the Whiteboard (n = 19)

Types of Whiteboard Use (n = 29)aFrequency Reported, (%)
Active uses18 (62.0)
 Writing personal contact information10 (34.5)
 Writing messages for the care team3 (10.3)
 Recordkeeping, writing treatment information2 (6.9)
 Writing and updating team member names, roles2 (6.9)
 Writing messages for other family members1 (3.4)
Passive uses10 (34.5)
 Referencing team member names6 (20.7)
 Referencing the schedule, plan of care2 (6.9)
 Referencing information about their child’s diet, treatment2 (6.9)
Decorative uses
 Posting get well cards1 (3.4)
  • a Some families provided multiple responses regarding how they used the whiteboard; each response was included in the descriptive analysis.