Predictors of Receipt of PPP in High-Risk Patients

CharacteristicUnivariate Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)Multivariable Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)
LOS1.01 (1.01–1.02)
Institution0.99 (0.99-0.99)0.99 (0.99–0.99)
Race0.87 (0.80–0.95)
Any comorbiditya0.84 (0.73–0.97)1.32 (1.13–1.56)
Respiratory condition1.51 (1.25–1.81)
Premature3.03 (2.30–4.00)3.69 (2.72–4.99)
Chronic lung disease1.75 (1.43–2.15)
Congenital heart disease0.79 (0.68–0.91)
  • —, these factors were not included in the final multivariable model. Characteristics that were not significant in univariate analysis were not included in multivariate analysis.

  • a Malignancy, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, renal disease, gastrointestinal disease,

  • hematologic/immunologic disorder, genetic disorder, metabolic disorder, or neuromuscular disease.