Value Analysis Framework

DimensionCare Option A (Current Care)Care Option B (Proposed Care)Preferred OptionAssumptions Made
Population studied (n = # patients/year)
Operational factors
 Percent adherence to care (goal 80%)
 Care delivery team effects
 Palatability to patient/family
 Degree of recovery at discharge
 Affects natural history of the disease over equivalent time
 Population-related benefits
 Threshold for population-related benefits reached
Cost (arising from options A or B): [average total cost per day: this represents supply + labor + nonlabor costs, not charge to patient or actual cost of an item.]
 Room/care setting costs ($ or time to recovery)Estimate cost difference if possible
 Diagnosis/Treatment costs ($)Estimate cost difference if possible
Cost (arising from complications/adverse effects from options A or B)
 Likelihood of complication
 Description of complication, and costs. Cost may be 1 row per complication, or split between room/care setting costs and Dx/Rx costs for a specific complicationEstimate cost difference if possible
 Estimated cost of differential care per patient
Annual estimated cost for this care