Maternal and Newborn Demographic Characteristics for Qualitative Sample

Maternal Demographic CharacteristicsNewborn Demographic Characteristics
Mean age (range), y26 (19–32)Received morphine treatment13 (65%)
Documented compliance in maintenance treatment11 (55%)Discharged from the hospital with parent(s)19 (95%)
 Buprenorphine8 (40%)Report filed with child protective services15 (75%)
 Methadone3 (15%)Services before discharge
Documented substance use in pregnancy while enrolled in maintenance treatment5 (25%)Mean LOS (range), d15 (4–47)
Not currently in treatment, documented substance use in pregnancy/identified at delivery4 (20%) LOS, morphine treatment, d18 (11–47)
 LOS, no morphine treatment, d6 (4–12)
  • LOS, length of stay.