ALOS, Readmission Rates, and Vizient Indices for LOS and Direct Variable Direct Cost for Pediatric Patients With Asthma in the Baseline and Intervention Groups

Baseline Group, May 2013–April 2014Intervention Group, May 2014–April 2015Change (%)
Cases160137−23 (−14)
Hospital days469318−151 (−32)
ALOS, d2.92.3−0.6 (−20)*
Readmission rate, %
LOS indexa1.21.1−0.1
Direct variable direct cost indexa1.51.1−0.4
  • a The LOS index is calculated as the observed LOS divided by the expected LOS; the direct variable direct cost index is calculated as the observed case variable direct cost divided by the expected case variable direct cost (1.0 is the goal for both). There was 1 fewer case in the intervention group for the CDB/RM database likely due to slightly different inclusion criteria for the Vizient CDB/RM database.

  • * P < .01.