Adjusted Length of Hospital Stay for Male Infants Diagnosed With NAS and NAS Requiring Pharmacologic Treatment Compared With Female Infants

VariableUnadjusted IRR (95% CI)Adjusted IRRa (95% CI)
LOS, d1.04 (0.92–1.17)1.07 (0.92–1.24)
LOS, pharmacologically treated, d1.01 (0.90–1.13)1.03 (0.91–1.17)
  • Total sample = 927 infants. Incidence rate ratios (IRRs) can be interpreted as percent change. For example, the adjusted LOS for male infants with NAS was 1.07. This finding can be interpreted that male infants have a 7% longer hospitalization than female infants. However, the CI (0.92–1.24) crosses 1, making this finding not statistically significant.

  • a Adjusted for the interaction between opioid type and opioid amount, SSRI or tobacco exposure, small for gestational age, birth weight, and year.