Change in Survey (MOC-PEAKS) Responses After MOC Project

Survey Questions by DomainPost- to Pre- Mean (n = 123)aPre- Mean (n = 156)Post- Mean (n = 123)z scorebP
QI and MOC engagement and attitude−−2.780.005*
 1. I believe the MOC experience is an important tool in improving the delivery of health care.−−0.958.338
 2. How likely are you to recommend this MOC Program to a colleague?−−3.430.001*
 3. How critical were the knowledge and skills you learned in this MOC project to your success on the job?−−2.047.041*
QI method application−0.392.31.9−7.364.000*
 1. I plan to apply QI methods and strategies to other aspects of my job.−−0.565.572
 2. This project helped me develop solutions for improvement.−−1.300.193
 3. This project helped me identify barriers to improvement.−−2.064.039*
 4. I can use a run chart and/or SPC chart to improve the care of my patients.−0.672.82.1−6.555.000*
 5. I can interpret a run chart and/or SPC chart.−0.732.72.0−6.714.000*
 6. I can create a run chart or SPC chart.−0.723.12.4−6.785.000*
 7. I am able to fully describe a plan-do-check-act/plan-do-study-act cycle.−0.452.21.8−5.571.000*
 8. I can apply QI methods to improve health care delivery for patients.−0.342.11.8−5.131.000*
Patient care−−1.728.084
 1. This MOC project will directly improve the care of my own patients.−−1.391.164
 2. The progress we made on this MOC project will lead to lasting improvement in patient care at my hospital or clinic.−−2.407.016*
  • SPC, statistical process control.

  • a Difference of post- to pre-participation MOC survey responses, calculated by using Likert scale of 1 = strongly agree to 5 = strongly disagree. Negative values indicate changes toward agree responses.

  • b Comparison via Wilcoxon rank test.

  • * Indicates a significant P value.