aOR and 95% CI for Association of Parent Safety Behavior With Need to Watch Over Care (N = 170)

Asked Provider for the Name or Dose of a Drug (Model I)Asked Provider to Show or Read Aloud Medication Labels (Model II)Asked Provider to Check Drug or Infusion Accuracy (Model III)Comfortable asking Provider to Clean His or Her Hands (Model IV)Likely to Speak Up if Provider Does Not Clean His or Her Hands (Model V)
Watched over care3.0 (1.3–7.4)*1.7 (0.8–3.9)4.6 (2.1–9.9)*0.5 (0.2–1.1)0.8 (0.4–1.7)
  • All models were adjusted for propensity score and parent education. Values are expressed as aOR (95%CI).

  • * P < .05.