Comparison of Providers at RRTs and Code Blue Teams at Main, Academic Campus Versus Proposed Teams for New Satellite Campus Before Training

RoleMain RRTSatellite RRTMain CodeSatellite Code
Physician leadPICU fellow or attendingHospital medicine attendingPICU fellow or attendingHospital medicine attending
Nurse leadCritical care RN 1Floor manager RNCC RN 1Floor manager RN
Code cart RN 1Cardiac ICU RNED RN 1
Code cart RN 2CC RN 2CC RN 1
PharmacistDoctor of pharmacy (day shift only)Doctor of pharmacy (day shift only)
Medicine administration nurseED RNFloor RN 1
ED paramedicAll shiftsWhen available
RTRT 1RT 1RT 1 and 2RT 1 and 2
Bedside assessment, order entryResident 1Advanced practice nurse
Airway physicianResident 2ED or anesthesia attending
Intraosseous placement or defibrillatorResident 3APRN or floor manager RN
Chest compressionsResident 4, 5, and 6Floor RN 2, 3 and 4, paramedic
Manager of patient servicesAll shiftsAll shiftsAll shiftsAll shifts
ChaplainAll shiftsWhen availableAll shiftsWhen available
  • APRN, advance practice nurse; CC, critical care; RN, registered nurse; RT, respiratory therapist; —, not applicable.