Parent, Child, and Hospitalization Characteristics by Need to Watch Over Care (N = 170)

Need to Watch Over Care?
Yes (n = 65)No (n = 105)P
Mother, % (n)88(57)83(87).39
White, non-Hispanic, % (n)84(54)85(88).85
Parent education, % (n).20
 High school or less17(11)20(21)
 Some college29(19)40(42)
 Bachelor’s degree or more54(35)40(42)
Parent age, y, mean (SD)36(7.7)34(7.7).19
Female child, % (n)49(32)52(55).69
Child age, y, mean (SD)6(5.8)6(5.3).94
Child health status, % (n)
 Excellent to good86(56)81(85).38
Reason for hospitalizationa, % (n)
 Breathing problem34(22)27(28).32
 Gastrointestinal problem17(11)19(20).73
 Hematologic disease5(3)9(9).38
Length of stay, d, % (n).71
 More than a week14(9)10(11)
  • Values may not add to 100% because of rounding.

  • a Because parents could indicate multiple reasons for hospitalization, more than 170 reasons for hospitalization were noted.