Characteristics of the Data Sample, 2012–2013

Variablen (%)
Total No. alerts presenteda41 471
Total No. alerts overriddenb36 988
Total No. ordersc1 739 680
Total No. providersd1747
 Residents796 (45.6)
 Fellows208 (11.9)
 Attending physicians470 (26.9)
 NPs and/or PAs199 (11.4)
 Other74 (4.2)
No. patient encounterse5221
Median encounter length, d (IQR)3.3 (1.1–8.8)
  • a Number of alerts in the final sample after all the exclusions have been applied.

  • b Number of alerts overridden.

  • c Total orders was calculated for the number of orders after applying exclusions.

  • d Total unique providers.

  • e Total unique patient encounters.