Ranking of Key CC Training Barriers, Ranking Training Topics Desired, and Free-Response Themes From Resident and Faculty Respondents

Residents, ranked 1 or 2Faculty, ranked 1 or 2
Barrier, n (%)
 Language differences between me and my patients54 (57)85 (67)
 Constraints on my time53 (56)52 (40)
 My lack of knowledge about a culture or minority group35 (37)63 (48)
 Low health literacy of my patients34 (37)29 (23)
 My own communication skills11 (11)20 (15)
 SES differences between me and my patients3 (3)9 (8)
Component of training you would like most, n (%)
 Culture-specific knowledge75 (77)109 (76)
 Skills and/or strategies about asking about families’ cultures74 (76)85 (59)
 Communication skills36 (38)83 (58)
 Use of interpreter services32 (33)93 (65)
The primary barrier to me providing CC care is
 Theme 1: lack of time for both care and training“I don’t have time to learn what it takes to be culturally competent.”“...The diversity of needs and the increased time in meeting them.”
 Theme 2: lack of knowledge, especially of needs and expectations“Lack of knowledge of specific cultural groups and their expectations of doctors and/or medical care.”“Lack of knowing about different cultures and what matters to them.”
  • Any difference between the total N and n per questions is due to participant response.