Severity of Illness Scores and Mortality in RT Patients in the Presence and Absence of Emergency Transfer

Subgroup or VariableEmergency Transfer and RT, N = 16Nonemergency Transfer and RT, N = 89P
Severity of illness score
 Baseline POPC, median (IQR)1 (1–2.75)1 (1–3).701
 PIM2 ROM, median (IQR)2.11 (0.87–4.40)0.82 (0.19–1.09).001
 PRISM III, median (IQR)4 (0.25–9.25)0.00 (0–3).003
Mortality, n (%)2 (12.5%)0 (0%).022
  • P values from baseline POPC, PIM2 ROM, PRISM III comparisons via Mann–Whitney U tests. Results are reported as median (IQR) because of small sample size. Mortality was compared via Fisher’s exact tests.