Characteristics, Laboratory Values, LOS, and Diagnoses of Patients Found to Have Serious Infection or Other Significant Pathology

Age, dSexGestation, wkMinimum Temperature, °CIll-AppearingSerum WBC Count, Cells/μLBandemiaLOS, hDiagnosisCulture Growth
Patients diagnosed with serious infection
 Patient 14F34–3734.4No9600No101SBI: UTIEnterococcus faecalis
 Patient 28F≥3735.6No7600No64SBI: UTIE faecalis
 Patient 317M≥3733.4Yes34 700Yes157SBI: sepsisCulture result negativea
 Patient 44F34–3734.4Yes5700No504SBI: meningitisCulture result negativeb
 Patient 59F34–3734.4Yes10 900Yes119Disseminated HSVHSV-2 blood and/or CSF
Patients diagnosed with other significant pathology
 Patient 64M≥3735.4No7700No119Bacterial pneumonia
 Patient 78F≥3734.9Yes10 500No78Propionic acidemia
 Patient 83F≥3735.9No17 000No384Esophageal cyst
 Patient 911F≥3735.8Yes21 000No555Cardiomyopathy
  • F, female; HSV-2, herpes simplex virus 2; M, male; —, not applicable.

  • a Culture result negative for sepsis as determined by clinical and laboratory characteristics.

  • b Probable bacterial meningitis as determined by CSF profile; antibiotics given before CSF collection and patient characteristics.