Clinician Focus Group Discussion Guide

What influences your decision in obtaining RVT in a child with suspected bronchiolitis?
 • Does it change medical management (antimicrobial agents, imaging, and expected LOS)?
 • Does parental pressure or PCP pressure influence your decision?
 • Does discomfort in the testing process influence your decision?
 • Do results change your comfort with or confidence in the diagnosis?
 • Does performing RVT provide you with a sense of doing something versus doing nothing?
 • Do you obtain RVT out of curiosity or to identify a pathogen?
 • Is it used as a teaching tool?
 • Is it used for health care system expectations (patient placement, cohorting, infection control practices, and admission decisions)?
What do you think are the benefits of obtaining RVT?
What do you think are the risks or disadvantages of obtaining RVT?
If you decide not to obtain RVT, are there challenges to that decision?
How do you think decisions made by your division, group, and/or team regarding RVT influence your decision to test or not to test?
Do you know of any guidelines or hospital policies pertaining to RVT in bronchiolitis?
 • Do you think nursing staff, the infection control team, or others outside of your group have specific policies regarding RVT?
  • LOS, length of stay; PCP, primary care provider.