Intention to Perform Confidential Sexual Health Assessment by Clinical Scenario (N = 68)

Clinical ScenarioLikely to Assess Sexual Health,an (%)b
16-y-old girl admitted for abdominal pain67 (99)
14-y-old boy with moderate developmental delay admitted for asthma9 (13)
16-y-old boy admitted for abscess and/or cellulitis29 (43)
17-y-old girl with uncontrolled diabetes admitted to the ICU for diabetic ketoacidosis39 (57)
15-y-old girl admitted for mild dehydration who takes topiramate for migraines44 (65)
18-y-old male patient admitted for concussion who reports previous marijuana use52 (76)
15-y-old girl admitted after intentional ingestion now at neurologic baseline60 (88)
  • Missing data are included in percentage calculations.

  • a Those who reported they were likely (“likely” or “extremely likely”) to assess sexual health in future clinical scenarios; otherwise, respondents reported they were unlikely (“unlikely,” “neutral”, or “extremely unlikely”) to assess sexual health in future clinical scenarios.

  • b Missing data for all scenarios: n = 1.