Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder disciplines
 Pediatrics and/or pediatric hospital medicine
 Adolescent medicine
 Child psychiatry
 Social work
 Physical therapy
 Occupational therapy
 Case management
 Nurse educators
Overall feedback
 “An important topic, for which a pathway and guide are needed.”
 “I think this generally looks very good. I like the organized, multidisciplinary approach. I’ve shown it to a few other members of my team who agree.”
 “[I] like the idea of making things consistent.”
 “This will be a very helpful document. It is well laid out and very clear.”
Emergent themes
 Streamlining and formatting suggestions for the flowchart and documents
 Clarify timing of psychiatry involvement
 Clarify terminology and language
 Clarify roles and responsibilities of interdisciplinary providers
 Goal discordance: medical and psychiatry teams
 Clarify communication with patients and families
 Clarify communication processes with external health care providers
 Provide resources for physicians and other health care providers
 Customization of care versus standardization
 Anticipated process challenges
 Create a new model of care