Multivariate Regression Analysis Results

VariableOR (95% CI)
Age <12 mo0.93 (0.54–1.61)
Chronic lung disease2.82 (0.76–10.53)
Congenital heart disease and/or heart failure1.65 (0.83–3.25)
Inhaled nitric oxide1.05 (0.52–2.12)
Need for positive pressure ventilation at discharge1.20 (0.71–2.03)
New bacteremia and/or sepsis1.51 (0.67–3.39)
New onset seizures2.39 (0.91–6.27)
Prematurity1.69 (0.68–4.17)
  • χ2 testing was used to identify variables loosely associated (P < .1) with readmission, and those variables were included in a logistic regression model with readmission as the outcome variable.