Parent Semistructured Interview Script Domains and Example Probes

Interview DomainExample Probes
Why parents used the inpatient portalWhy did you use the inpatient portal?
Usefulness of the portalHow useful did you find the portal? What feature(s) were most useful? What feature(s) did you like the most? Why?
Suggestions for improvementHow do you like this feature? What could be done to improve this feature?
Whether the hospital should keep using the portalWould you recommend that we keep using the portal at this hospital? Why or why not?
Future inpatient portal features
 Admission and discharge surveysThe nurse asked you many questions on admission. How would you feel about filling this survey out yourself by using the portal instead?
Usually we send a paper survey to your home asking about your experiences at the hospital. How would you feel about completing the survey on this tablet in the hospital before leaving the hospital?
 Sharing doctors’ inpatient notesHow would you feel about being able to see your child's doctor’s daily notes through the portal?
 Patient safety reportingWere any mistakes or errors made during your child’s hospital stay?
Would you consider reporting problems, errors, or mistakes by using the portal? Can you tell me more about it?