Variables Associated With Differences in Overall Parent Mobilization Stress

CharacteristicTotal Parent Mobilization Stress Score, Mean (SD)aP
Child POPCb
 1 and 21.87 (0.06)Reference
 ≥32.18 (0.12).013
Parent educationb
 College degree or more2.13 (0.49)Reference
 Some college1.76 (0.60).005c
 High school1.86 (0.51).044
 Less than high school1.78 (0.87).022
Who moved the childd
 Child’s nurse1.61 (0.83)Reference
 PICU staff1.69 (0.90).005c
 Child moved independently1.71 (0.93).001c
 Other parent1.74 (0.94).239
 Responding parent1.84 (0.94).002c
Type of mobilization activityd
 Turn and/or reposition1.77 (0.87)Reference
 Sitting1.63 (0.83).827
 Parent holding1.64 (0.88).320
 Range of motion activity1.67 (0.95).127
 PT and/or OT1.67 (0.92).414
 Walking1.84 (0.93).029
 Standing1.85 (0.89).032
  • OT, occupational therapy; PT, physical therapy.

  • a Mobilization stress scores range from 1 to 4, in which 1 is not at all stressful and 4 is very stressful.

  • b Mann-Whitney U test.

  • c Remained significant after Bonferroni adjustment.

  • d Wilcoxon rank test.