Themes and Representative Quotes Related to Parent Participant Motivations for Using the Inpatient Portal

ThemesRepresentative Quotes
Monitoring their child’s progress“I appreciated the medication tracking and the blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiration tracking.” (Parent B)
“We were really keeping an eye on [his pulse], so it was nice to see that trajectory.” (Parent A)
Feeling empowered and/or relying less on staff“It gives you a sense of control…I don’t always want to have to ask, ‘Did this happen, did this get done?’ It’s not that I’m worrying about bothering people, but you also recognize that there’s a lot going on, and so it kind of gives you, some of those questions you might have, you can get answered with this.” (Parent B)
“You kind of more feel free with it. You’re not having to rely so much on the staff, where you can look and see the test results and see all that stuff. Like, we really like that instead of waiting for a nurse to come into the room to log into the computer, find your child’s information, look for the results you’re questioning…” (Parent D)
Facilitating communication and/or decision-making on rounds“I receive the results before the rounds. I have time to prepare, and I can ask questions, and [the] doctor can give me better answer[s].” (Parent F)
“I was putting stuff in there [to] bring up during the rounds in the morning.” (Parent E)
“I showed [the heart rate and blood pressure trends] to them, and that was part of what created that change [in the plan].” (Parent B)
Ensuring information accuracy and/or providing reassurance“I check on the home screen to see that they have the medications right.” (Parent D)
“I knew that the nurses had everything under control, but it was for my peace of mind.” (Parent E)
Aiding memory“I can remember, or it can remember for me.” (Parent A)